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NorthWest Region

A 20-mile long, 5-mile wide sea of grapes hug the shoreline of Lake Erie. The lake creates a cooler climate with adequate air movement that is ideal for grape-growing, helped along by relative consistency in year-to-year weather conditions.

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NorthCentral Region

This area is especially diverse with its variation in elevation along the Appalachian Mountain range, variation in soil characteristics, and pockets of microclimates all which provide different conditions for a variety of grapes.

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NorthEast Region

This region is home to the Endless Mountains. Here, cold-hardy hybrid and cool-climate vinifera varietals produce wines of exceptional aroma and fruit flavors.

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SouthWest Region

In the hills around Pittsburgh and the Laurel Highlands, the cooler climate and higher elevations help cold-hardy hybrids, native grapes, and some cool-climate Vitis vinifera varietals thrive in the shale-based soils.

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SouthCentral Region

Below the mountains is the fruit belt of Adams County where grapes thrive along with apples and peaches. With a longer growing season and higher heat accumulation, several growers opt to produce traditional Bordeaux varieties both white and red in color.

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SouthEast Region

The SouthEast typically experiences a longer growing season and higher temperatures. The generally hilly terrain of the region offers opportunities for vineyards with south-facing slopes that aid in draining water and maintaining airflow that encourages grapevines to flourish.

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