American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in Pennsylvania

If you’re in Pennsylvania, you’re never more than one hour away from a local winery or vineyard. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Traveling a wine trail gives your wine tasting a purpose by giving you a richly textured experience, featuring the different growing conditions throughout the state. It’s not just about seeing every winery in a certain area, it’s about crafting an experience for your palate.

You’ll not only sample a wide variety of flavors, but you’ll enjoy them amongst some of Pennsylvania’s finest scenery. You’ll trek through vineyards, converse with the winemakers, observe flavors you’ve never noticed before, and enjoy a Pennsylvania sunset over lush, green fields. Maybe your wine trail experience will be an intimate weekend with your partner, or a celebratory evening with friends. Pennsylvania’s Wind Land is what you decide to make it. The passionate, hardworking winemakers of PA are here and ready to toast with you. Let’s explore!

Central Delaware Valley AVA

Established: 1984
Total Acres: 96K
Number of Wineries: 3
Fun Fact: It is New Jersey’s first wine zone

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Cumberland Valley

Established: 1985

Total Acres: 756K

Number of Wineries: 22

Fun Fact: Only 100 of its 756,000 acres are planted

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Lake Erie

Established: 1983

Total Acres: 2.2M

Planted Acres: 42K

Number of Wineries: 58

Fun Fact: The second largest grape-growing region outside of California

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Lancaster Valley

Established: 1982

Total Acres: 225K

Planted Acres: 400

Number of Wineries: 10

Fun Fact: One of the most fertile agricultural areas in Pennsylvania

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Lehigh Valley

Established: 2008

Total Acres: 1.2 Million

Planted Vineyards: 230+ acres

Number of Wineries: 10

Fun Fact: Between fifteen and twenty percent of the wine produced in Pennsylvania is made from grapes grown in the Lehigh Valley AVA.

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