Wine Trails

If youre in Pennsylvania, youre never more than one hour away from a local winery or vineyard. With so many options available, its hard to know where to begin. Traveling a wine trail gives your wine tasting a purpose. Wine trails are designed to give you a richly textured experience, featuring the different growing conditions throughout the state.

Its not just about seeing every winery in a certain area. Its about crafting an experience for your palate. Youll not only sample a wide variety of flavors, but youll enjoy them amongst some of Pennsylvanias finest scenery. Youll trek through vineyards, converse with the winemakers, observe flavors youve never noticed before, and enjoy a Pennsylvania sunset over lush, green fields. Maybe your wine trail experience will be an intimate weekend with your partner, or a celebratory evening with friends.

Pennsylvanias Wine Land is what you decide to make it. The passionate, hardworking winemakers of Pennsylvania are here and ready to toast with you. Begin exploring!

Berks County Wine Trail

The old-world mystique and rich cultural heritage of Berks County is the perfect setting for this distinct and diverse wine trail. Wine lovers can discover the art of winemaking at eleven wineries nestled in the rolling countryside along the Berks County Wine Trail.

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Brandywine Valley Wine Trail

Located in the beautiful countryside between Philadelphia and Lancaster, the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail has become a favorite destination not just for Philadelphians, but for wine lovers from throughout the region. The trail, part of the broader PA Wine Land Southeast region, is home to seven charming wineries and some of the best scenery in the commonwealth.

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Bucks County Wine Trail

Discover the proud heritage behind the wines expertly handcrafted by the family wineries of Bucks County Wine Trail. Part of the broader PA Wine Land Southeast region, its scenic rolling hills and moderate climate combine to make the area one of the premier grape-growing regions on the East Coast. The result is one of the best wine-tasting experiences in Pennsylvania.

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Lake Erie Wine Country Trail

This region is home to the largest grape-growing region east of the Rockies. Glacial ridges along the Lake Erie shore are the basis for ideal growing conditions. A drive through this area will transport you to a bygone era, with friendly people, quaint Victorian towns, and beautiful vineyard views.

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Montgomery County Wine Trail

It may be one of the state’s smallest wine trails, but the location of the Montgomery County Wine Trail offers plenty of spectacular wine-tasting experiences. The trail, part of the broader PA Wine Land Southeast region, intersects with the Bucks County Wine Trail, giving wine lovers even more tasting opportunities to choose from.

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Southwest Passage Wine Trail

Each of the Southwest Passage Wine Trail‘s eight wineries, all located southeast of Pittsburgh, provides a unique experience of their own. Along the way, explore the mountains and valleys of southwestern Pennsylvania and take a scenic side trip through the vacationer’s paradise known as the Laurel Highlands.

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Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail

The Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail is home to 16 wineries scattered throughout central Pennsylvania, just north of the state’s capital. The location is a real find for wine lovers, as the region’s climate yields hardy native grapes, premium hybrids, and delicate Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir varieties.

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