Cellar ‘54 Member

Our family history of grape farming goes back to 1954 when Daniel and Alta Coletta purchased “Coletta Vineyards” thus giving us the inspiration for our name, Cellar ‘54. There they raised 9 children. They later passed the farm onto their only son, Dan. Dan and his wife Ann Coletta carried on the tradition with their 5 children. The love of the vineyards expanded into passion for the craft of winemaking. Dan and Ann had always dreamed of having a winery. After her unfortunate passing, Dan made dreams a reality. Keeping her memory alive with every bottle we make, her passion is the soul of this family business. Coletta Vineyards is ever-evolving while we continue to plant new roots. After starting out with several acres of the traditional Concord variety harvested for Welch’s, we have expanded our focus into more wine varieties. With a farm including 13 varieties, we are becoming more diverse as we grow within the Lake Erie wine region.

9368 W Law Road
North East, PA